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Visitation of a child is usually established once custody of the child has already been determined. There are several different types of custody orders:

  • Standard Order - There is a standard order for visitation in Texas that usually awards the non-primary parent visitation on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend of each month starting on Friday at 6pm and ending on Sunday at 6pm, including certain holidays or breaks from school. If you believe your visitation is unfair, contact us today so we can review your current visitation order.

  • Non-Standard Order - This type of order can be in place when a special circumstance exists for one of the parents, such as a job that might require one of the parents to work over the weekend or a job in which the parent travels often. If you are in a situation that does not work for your current visitation, you can ask the court to change the current order that works better with your schedule.

  • Supervised Visitation Order - Supervised visitation occurs when there is a safety concern for the children when they are with the parent who has visitation. This usually occurs when the primary conservator of the children is concerned about the safety based on past violence in the household or past criminal history of the other parent.

  • No Visitation Rights - In extreme situations in which the court feels that it is not in the best interest of the children to see the other parent at all, it will grant an order for no visitation rights.

If you need to establish a visitation order for your children or you need to change your current order, Porter Legal Group can assist you with the entire process. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so that we can review your current order and go over any options that you might have.

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