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The Rise in Filing Fee Costs in Family Court

Family court is one of the most interesting and difficult sections of the different kinds of practices that attorneys can tackle. It can get difficult for the client, it can get ugly, and more importantly, it can get very pricey. And we mean PRICEY. In this new blog, we inform you of the rise in prices of family suits in the courts of the Metroplex.

Why are Filing Fee's Important?:

The filing fee's for Divorce, SAPCR, Adoption, Modification, etc. cases are necessary in order to begin the process with the associated court. It's vital that the client of any firm takes care of their appropriate filing fee's since that money will be going to the court that their case will be taking place in. The confusion with filing fee's is that clients will sometimes think that the money will be going to the law firm that represents them, resulting in conflict over misunderstanding. Porter Legal Group ensures that there will be no confusion with these fees and that the proper information will be given to our clients.

The Different Types of Counties Affected:

There's numerous counties affected by these rise in costs as follows: Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Rockwall, and Denton counties.

Below are the charts detailing each county and how much their fees are.




Tarrant County (4 pages in total):

Denton County (3 pages in total):

If you find yourself in a divorce, needing to fight for custody or any problems involving family court, you may need more than a quick overview. For a free initial consultation visit or contact us:

2929 N. Central Expy. Suite 125, Richardson, Tx 75080

(972) 400-2177

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