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President Biden's executive order restricts asylum at the Mexican border and accelerates deportations

On June 4, 2024, President Joe Biden presented an executive order that limits the number of asylum seekers due to the immigration crisis at the southern border.

On June 4, President Joe Biden signed an executive order, which came into effect at 12:01 on June 5, which restricts access for undocumented people trying to enter the United States seeking legal status by asylum once a certain number of cases is reached, set at 2,500 daily crossings.

This controversial measure occurs within the framework of the upcoming presidential elections in November and during a border crisis, where according to the authorities, the daily number of encounters with immigrants who enter illegally is exceeding the capacity of the authorities to attend to the cases of people who, once detained, try to entrust themselves to the figure of asylum.

On June 5, 3,500 cases of illegal crossings were recorded, which is why the decision was made to temporarily “close” the border until the number of crossings does not exceed 1,500 daily for 7 consecutive calendar days.

This measure allows immigration agents at their discretion while this measure is activated to immediately expel people who cross illegally and are detained on the spot, if in their opinion there is no “credible” fear or it does not exist a fear to return to his country, without the opportunity to take his case before a court to seek asylum, having in this case to remain a minimum of 5 years without being able to enter again to the United States.

In the case of people who, upon being detained, and the agent considers that asylum could proceed, they will be able to present their case but the criteria to qualify will be more meticulous. For people who are already in the asylum process or who entered before June 5 and would like to seek immigration relief, these measures should not hinder their procedures.

It should be noted that this executive order does not obstruct the current CBP One mobile application program, through which people voluntarily make an appointment to process asylum, nor the beneficiaries of humanitarian parole, people who have other immigration relief such as family petitions, work visas or people with a tourist visa.

Please consult with a qualified immigration attorney if you have family applying for asylum or crossing the border for advice on your specific situation.

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