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Child Custody

Gaining custody of your children is an important step in protecting your rights to your children. Whether you are already divorced or were never married, custody of a child can still be established. In order to begin the process, the paternity of the child must be established. If this was not done when the child was born, the paternity can be determined through the family court in order to establish custody. There are two main types of custody that can be ordered for a parent:

There are many details to consider when you are trying to obtain custody of your child. Porter Legal Group can help you prepare for your custody case and assist you in obtaining the custody arrangement you desire. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation!

  • Joint Custody - This is the standard custody order in which one parent becomes the primary conservator and the other parent becomes the secondary conservator. In this custody arrangement, both parents must agree on decisions made regarding the child. Typically, in this arrangement, the secondary conservator has standard visitation rights and pays the standard child support amount. Most custody orders fall into this category.

  • Sole Custody - This custody order means that one parent will have the exclusive right to make decisions regarding the child, including where the child lives and where the child goes to school. This order is typically granted when the other parent is not as involved in the child's life or does not wish to be involved. It can also be ordered if there is a history of violence in the household or if the court feels that the other parent could be a danger to the child.

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